Hi, may I introduce myself? I'm David, a communication and graphic designer based in Munich, Germany. My focus is on the fields identity design and strategic brand positioning where I strive to create value for my customers. I'm in love with type and a sucker for animation.

In my projects I try to translate complex and sometimes dry content into exciting graphic concepts. In doing so, I think holistically. The most important thing for me is the underlying conceptual idea.

Currently I collaborate with various design agencies and work on client projects. I am also active in CreativesForFuture (Germany) and the Zukunftsbilder-Project. In 2022 I was part of the Design in Motion Festival in the Netherlands. From time to time I speak at smaller events in different formats.

Dont be shy - just say hi! Let's connect and talk about your project. Please contact me here. I'm also available for freelance work.

If you have nothing else to do, follow me on my Instagram, where I upload ideas, graphic studies, concepts and all kinds of design-related things :p